New build homes

The challenge for every new build project is to reduce carbon emissions from a dwelling, which is meticulously calculated in SAP. This gives a design emission rating (DER) and a target emission rating (TER), and as all builders know, the DER must be less than or equal to the TER. Whilst the Atmos Ephesus 24 may not suit every building, it is easy to install on apartment blocks with a flat roof, where the Atmos Ephesus 24 can be safely located and installed facing South to maximise the energy output. (With sloping roofs the output of solar panels is limited by the roof orientation and angle).

The resulting reduction in DER can be as much as 14% (see SAP calculation report below) providing a low-cost carbon reduction solution, and a renewable technology which many Councils require for new build projects. Solar hot water systems have not been popular in apartments because of the requirement for a large hot water cylinder, but with the Atmos Ephesus 24 the solar cylinder is on the roof, leaving more space in the apartment. Furthermore, there is no glycol circuit and a minimum of extra pipework giving a neater and cleaner finish to the apartment.

Another benefit arises when there is more than one bathroom, and a high output combi boiler or unvented hot water cylinder is required to give the 15 litres/minute hot water flow requirement. With the Atmos Ephesus 24 this can be achieved with a smaller Combi, which costs less and is more suitable for the low space heating requirements of a modern well-insulated apartment. Further cost savings can be made by using a solar compatible combi boiler such as the Intergas range, which is solar ready. Intergas boilers are available with the solar kit from Atmossolar.

Finally, what will happen when SAP 2010 arrives, with reduced carbon emissions from electricity? The Atmos Ephesus 24 will produce more carbon saving than an equivalent PV system. Get on board now, because Solar hot water is going to be hot stuff for new builds.

TheĀ Atmos Ephesus 24 SAP calculations