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John Thomason
John ThomasonDirector
I have always taken a keen interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Atmos Solar is the result of almost 20 years of experience of selling, installing and maintaining solar hot water systems, and I believe we have one of the best solar thermal systems on the market in the UK.

Atmos Solar was founded by John Thomason, a heating and plumbing innovator, entrepreneur, and engineer with over 40 years experience and expertise. John formed Atmos Heating Systems in 1995 where they patented the first commercial condensing warm air heaters, followed quickly by condensing gas boilers.

Having installed many systems over the years, we have seen the good and the bad sides of solar thermal systems. Systems that work well, and systems that are nothing but trouble, systems that have paid their way, and systems that are so poor the owners have had them disconnected. We are now proud to introduce the Atmos Ephesus thermosiphon a system that is simple, requires very little maintenance, has little to go wrong, and above all is low cost.

With the Renewable Heat Incentive that covering most of the installation cost, owners of an Atmos Ephesus system will enjoy years of free solar energy, saving money and saving the environment by reducing the fossil fuel used for hot water, and reducing carbon emissions.

Thermosiphon systems are rarely seen in the UK, but they are installed in their millions in countries across the world. The Ephesus system is manufactured in Turkey by a company that has been making solar thermal systems for 30 years, so it is not a new product, but a product with years of experience built in, and used by thousands of households. Atmos Solar have been appointed by SistemTubular as their sole distributor for the UK. We believe the Atmos Ephesus is the best product we have seen for years and have chosen to focus on this product alone.

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