Why use Solar Thermal?

Generates up to 1000kWh per year
Saves up to 400kg CO2 emissions per year
RHI payments of over £1400


Climate change is a major threat to the future of planet earth. An Atmos Ephesus 24 will reduce your carbon footprint so that you can make your contribution to reducing global warming. Not only that, you get free hot water from the sunshine.


Solar thermal systems help you to future proof your company from rising energy prices and contribute to saving the environment from damaging CO2 emissions. The Atmos Ephesus 24 units can be connected in series to provide larger quantities of solar heated water.

New builds

The Atmos Ephesus 24 is an easy to install self contained solar thermal system suitable for flat roofs or ground mounting. It gives a low cost reduced carbon rating (DER) and a renewable energy source which is what every Council wants to see.